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Song Title Size Performed By
The Rising of the Lark 10kb
Arranged by Edward Jones (1784)
Jones was harper to the crown prince of England.
The Blossom of the Thorn 1.3kb
Arranged by Edward Jones (1784)
Aria XXIV 1.4kb
Arranged by John Parry (1742)

Blind John Parry was a celebrated Welsh harper. With the assistance of Evan Williams, he published in 1742 a collection of 24 harp tunes, each titled simply "Aria." He inspired poet Thomas Gray to write the ode "The Bard."

Despite his fame and influence, his three known books are out of print. In 2017, Cambrian Harmony was offered for sale for several thousand dollars. His books now are not for sale at any price. Harvard has one of them.

The best I can do is offer a transcription published by Joan Rimmer in the Galpin Society Journal in 1986, available from JSTOR.

This is Aria XXIV, the finale of his first collection, Antient British Music. A different version of it, published by Edward Jones in 1784, is the well-known Welsh folk song, "Morfa Rhuddlan."

Musical Computer Programs

MixMidi Mix together MIDI files. For Linux. Feature-complete, with a brief manual. Now has its own web page.

Package scat is a pair of programs. The first takes an audio file in .WAV format and produces a high-resolution spectrogram in .PGM format. The user may then edit the image in any fashion. The second program selects a melody line from the edited image and produces symbolic music in .MID format with expression and pitch bend. Together, the result is a precise transcription of a solo musical performance. Browse the source directory of FORTRAN code with a complete C translation. An article describing the programs is available at Windows 64-bit .EXE files are also available as SPECTR.EXE and SCRIBE.EXE.

The mf2t packages convert MIDI files to a human-readable text format and also convert back. They were originally written by Tim Thompson soon after the MIDI file format was first invented. The most current version was released by Mats Peterson in 2015 and works in Unix or Linux. A must-have program for MIDI enthusiasts!
libmidifile is the base package you will need.
mf2t / t2mf converts MIDI to text and text to MIDI
mfcheck checks MIDI files for errors.
mfext handles System Exlusive data in MIDI files.

imidiacy is IMmediate MIDI. Records computer keystrokes as musical notes. For Linux. Browse the source directory. Also has a sourceforge page.


The Bechstein piano soundfont was made by Simon Adcock. He wrote:

"This soundfont was created using samples from recordings of a Bechstein upright piano - sampled at every tone. This soundfont has been in the top ten most downloaded from HammerSounds for months! Although not suited to classical music, this soundfont is ideal for blues and ragtime."

Extremely realistic sound.


For an annotated collection of over 40,000 MIDI files, plus a community of technical experts and active sequencers, (including the most prolific sequencer of all time) visit MIDKAR.COM.